Manchester Royal Infirmary ASU

Lend Lease contacted Envair Projects to install a newly designed 4202m Aseptic clean room facility in the Manchester Royal Infirmary to replace the existing failed unit.

The unit would be split in to two main sections, an Aseptic side and a Gene Therapy side, each with its own dedicated AHU.

The Aseptic side would have 4 dedicated rooms for Laminar flow units and 3 Isolator rooms together with individual support rooms, change rooms and ancillary administration areas.

The Gene therapy side had 3 cytotoxic Isolator rooms and 1 Gene therapy Isolator room, again all sections with their own support room and change rooms.

New ducting was installed along with Envair Project's specially designed balancing system which allowed the suite to be balanced in 2 weeks where the existing one took over 6 months.

New Vinyl was installed across the whole suite before finishing off with top of the range LED lighting system, Trespa furnishings, stainless steel pass through hatches & ancillary fixtures and fittings.

All MEP services installations were coordinated and integrated with existing supply's and close contact during the contract was kept with both Lend Lease and the end users to make sure both sets of needs were being address correctly.

The suite was fully commissioned by our in house engineers.