Ayr Hospital - Transportable ASU

NHS Ayrshire and Arran approached Envair Projects to design and build a modular transportable Aseptic unit to replace their existing unit that unexpectedly shut down in 2015.

Working closely with the client's project team to determine their needs at present and in the future we designed and built a modular unit with 2 separate GMP Grade C aseptic rooms, accessed via a Grade C changing room and serviced from a Grade C preparation room. In addition to this an office area that connects to the preparation room via a Grade D/C change room was required. The unit is capable of being moved to another site in the future to support their manufacturing needs as this was a strong possibility.

The unit had a bespoke AHU to supply the filtered graded air and also several security features due to its external location. The windows had reinforced metal grills on slides that are opened during the day and closed at night to prevent vandalism. The entry/exit doors were all high security with swipe card access system and the unit also came with a state of the art security system.

The unit was built and installed at our head office by our in house engineers and then transported to site where it was lifted by crane onto the specially prepared base. Once on the ground Envair Projects coordinated the connection of all MEP services and then fully validated the suite in line with the customers' requirements.