Aberdeen Royal Infirmary ASU

Robertson Construction contacted Envair Projects to design and install a new Aseptic clean room facility in the Royal Infirmary Aberdeen during other works they had contracted. The aseptic suite was not included in the original plan of works and would require revision or provision of new services and plant for the suite.

The Aseptic suite would be limited in space so the design would have to maximize the use of what was available. The facility design incorporates 2 grade B Isolator rooms split into a separate Cytotoxic and Aseptic sides, grade C change rooms and inner support rooms serving each and a grade D outer support room serving both, together with peripheral unclassified support spaces. A new plant room was built to contain the new AHU and service connection points.

Envair projects liaised closely with the main contractor and end user throughout the build and installation to keep the project on completion date and the end result was fantastic with several of the NHS staff from other Aseptic units commenting on how good the layout and quality of the install was.